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What is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

A Pediatric Sleep Consultant (AKA Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach) is a dedicated professional who specializes in assisting families with children facing sleep-related challenges. 

Child sleep coaches bring together a blend of knowledge, empathy, and practical strategies to help children achieve healthier sleep patterns. They work closely with parents to understand the specific needs and behaviors of their child, offering personalized guidance and support to address their little one's sleep issues-- such as bedtime resistance, night wakings, nap struggles, big transitions, and overall sleep-related behavioral problems.

Does this sound interesting to you? 



A life as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

  • You will have a¬†fulfilling purpose¬†supporting families in parenthood
  • You will be able to build a¬†profitable business¬†doing something that you love (with low upfront cost)
  • You can build that meaningful career, but still¬†balance motherhood
  • You will have¬†control over you hours,¬†where you want to work, working with families who need your help.

The Sleep Coach Path

Ask yourself: "Do I love helping others?" "Am I good with people?" "Am I passionate about mental health?" If the answer is a resounding yes, then rest assured (pun intended) then after your certification, you will be changing families' lives for the better!

Research published in the journal Pediatrics estimated that approximately 25% to 30% of infants and toddlers experience some form of sleep problem, such as, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, or short sleep duration, resulting in hundreds of millions of tired families. This means over a quarter of parents are struggling to function with sleep deprivation. Translation: Parents with little ones desperately need your help!

On top of assisting families emotionally, mentally, and physically get more sleep, you will also develop the unique skills needed to build a successful business. We don't just educate you, we give you the tools to develop a thriving business of your own. 

Worried about credentials? Don't be. There are no prerequisites to becoming a certified pediatric sleep coach.  Whether you have a background in a related field as a doula, lactation child care, or something else, or you simply have the innate passion and drive to help families thrive in parenthood, we will provide you with the specialized skills for every sleep situation, from behavioral protesting to biological sleep challenges


How much can I make as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach?

Did you know most sleep coaches can make around $1,000-$5,000 a month in the first year? 

A lot of what you get back depends on how much you put in to your new career path. Many graduates are averaging 10-20 clients a month. Their starting fee for a single consultation is $350-$500, or up to $10,000 per month,  with one-time consultations costing as much as $175 per 30-minute call. But you can decide what feels right for you. It's your business, after all.   With certification tuition starting at $599 per month, it's easy to break even in the first month!

The sky is truly the limit!  With our Sleep Coaching Business, we made $250,000 helping families around the world in the first year.


Duration & Time Commitment

Work at your own pace.


This is a self-paced and virtual program, meaning you can take all of the classes from the comfort of your home.

It typically takes about 6 months to complete the program if you study 6-8 hours per week. 

Having a legitimate certification like ours gives you the clout you need to foster trust and earn credibility with prospective clients. Our robust curriculum and follow-up training will prepare you for all cases and scenarios that will come your way once you're out practicing in the real world.


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Curriculum and Coaching

Our Certification Program is more than just courses.  While some programs charge by age group or provide you with a course, they rarely dive into how to conduct live coaching, which is truly our bread and butter. To help build your business AND support you to sharpen your skills once you have clients, we have a FULLY-INCLUSIVE program that involves how to conduct group coaching calls, as well as 1:1 clients.


Proven Sleep Strategies

Learn the science of sleep for newborns to toddlers such as the neurobiological of sleep, circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, and more.¬† You will learn MULTIPLE ways to handle sleep challenges, including our unique approach¬†Association Fading‚ĄĘ¬†Sleep Method that's had a 99% success rate.

Building a Profitable Business

Learn more than just the basics of business.  We will let you in behind the scenes of building the profitable business we created, to help you create the career you want.  From marketing mastery to operations, we review each important factor to a solid Sleep Coaching Business.

Private Community

Join our exclusive Private Community‚ÄĒa supportive space where other students in their certification journey will meet to share their experiences and network.¬† Find your next partner or learn from others.¬† This private community access also includes coaching support from our team!


You won't be left to just "figure it out."  One of the biggest complaints we hear from others who have certified with other programs is the lack of support.  Imagine having a mentor who is both a successful sleep coach, but also a successful business owner with over a decade of experience.  Our weekly Q&As ensure your success.

Becoming a certified pediatric sleep coach is right for you if...

‚úĒÔłŹYou've experienced¬†the pain of sleepless nights¬†and want to help others.

‚úĒÔłŹYou're a parent who wants a professional,¬†flexible, work-from-home career.

‚úĒÔłŹYou have an¬†entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on independence.

‚úĒÔłŹYou're¬†self-motivated, self-disciplined, and ready to take control¬†of your schedule and finances.

 What Makes Us Different?

First, there is no other certification program that teaches Association Fading‚ĄĘ plus all other major methods to allow you to personalize your approach to your families. We don't, however, stop there.¬† We work to also make sure that our sleep coaches are not just good, but GREAT by giving them advanced techniques that are evidence-based to solve the toughest sleep issues.¬† After we take care of all the sleep stuff, our goal is to make your business a successful one, and where most pediatric coaches close doors within the first year, we give you the tools to grow and THRIVE, whatever your goals may be.

This includes the plan and coaching you need to make sure your tuition investment is completely covered in the first 2 months of business.

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